Music Marketing/Public Relations

MUSIC MARKETING/PUBLIC RELATIONS (Global – Europe, Asia, South America)

Fundación MangoMundo, a non-profit creative media group working to improve living
conditions in Nicaragua through awareness campaigns, is seeking MUSIC MARKETING INTERNS
to help promote the Spanish Language single “Si Te Vas a San Francisco”. The song, a tribute to the Nicaraguan Solidarity Movement in San Francisco, has already premiered in Spain, Norway, Czechoslovakia, and Chile and we hoping to introduce it to more radio stations around the world.  MUSIC MARKETING INTERNs will work with in their particular global market by forging relationships with non-commercial radio stations, university radio stations, and commercial radio station to promote radio play. This position requires the ability to work independently.  Although the Creative Director will always be available as a resource, the MUSIC MARKETING INTERN will be treated as the authority for their particular region. This is a new music industry position that is ideal for someone looking to gain experience in the quickly evolving work of music distribution and music promotion. While your primary role is marketing, capable interns will also play an important public relations role by being a representative for MangoMundo Music in all local communications.

The Music Marketing Intern responsibilities include:

Time: Variable depending on project schedules

  • Research: identifying appropriate music outlets in your particular region.
  • Marketing: fostering relationships and making contact the radio networks
  • Promotion: understanding the scope of our project and conveying it to radio networks
  • Public relations: representing MangoMundo Music in local media events.
  • Work with Creative Director to meet content deadlines
  • Additional Requirements / Qualifications:
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated and capable of managing multiple simultaneous projects